Hello from Kenya! Jason and I have been staying out in a village the last few days without any sort of  plumbing, minimal electricity, and would you believe that the thing I missed most was internet! We are back in Nairobi for the night before heading out to Masai Mara for safari, currently sitting at a Nairobi Java House and I am having a great iced latte and LOVING the wi-fi.

We spent the last few days shooting at Cura Orphanage. We headed there with every intention of being the only photographers, but from the moment we arrived, the kids were super excited try our cameras and learn how to take pictures. They also really enjoyed taking pictures and video on our iPhones, until they discovered Angry Birds and season 1 of Modern Family, then that became more exciting than taking pictures on the iPhones. We are looking through our iPhone pictures now and discovering some gems. Jason's phone has over 70 images of one kid making funny faces, my phone has a ton of odd blurry close ups of pigs and cows on it from the afternoon we went to visit a neighboring farm. There are some really good ones too.
Henry, the youngest at Cura Orphanage, using Jason's camera
Construction for Change,  the organization we are shooting for while we are in Kenya,  is building a secondary school here that will not only benefit the 50 kids at the Cura Orphanage, but the rest of the kids in the community as well.

Taken by Margret, age 12.
We are headed to Masai Mara tomorrow to take lots of pictures of animals and relax for a few days before heading to our next project. We're staying at Sarova Mara. It looks pretty amazing. I'm excited. More to come!

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