Best of Etsy: Maps

Patrick and I have started a bit of map collection from some of the different places we've lived. It's a fun way to jazz up our walls and a good conversation starter. We recently picked up this fun map in Dublin and we are on the hunt for one of South Africa. Etsy has some awesome maps for great prices, check out my picks below.

 My Roots: These maps say "My Roots Lie Here" and you choose where to place the cute hearts. This would be fun in a baby's room. I sent it to my friend Elvira who's one year old son, Benjamin, has roots in Columbia (where his mom is from), the Netherlands (where his dad is from) and South Africa (where he was born!). 

Lucius Art - Heart around your city, I sent this Chicago one to my friend Erica who grew up in Chi-Town but lives in DC now. 

Albie Designs - Not quite a map but gorgeous nonetheless, I want this one. 

Going Underground - This site also has really cool subway art for your walls, check it out.

Amy Rice - Fleetwood Mac lyrics printed on maps, yes, please.

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