Friday Roundup

I can't believe I've already gotten so caught up in all the holiday fun and it's not even December yet! Hopefully we'll get to go pick out a tree this weekend and I can finish off my decorating. Here are a few links to get  the first weekend in December started off right. 

Tomorrow is World AIDS Day, check out this collaboration between the Red Campaign and GILT.

A very helpful website for people like me:

A mini-series staring Don Draper and Harry Potter? Yes please.

For people like me who love list of "must read" books, one list to rule them all. (via Everywhereist)

Teresa sent me this hilarious video this week. Do yourself a favor and watch Cat Friend vs. Dog Friend. Seriously. Amazing.

Actual cost of 12 Days of Christmas and it's not cheap! Those seven swans a swimming are $7000.

A baby was born on a ferry headed into Seattle yesterday! Jason and I were on the boat headed in the opposite direction at the same time. 

This one is for Teresa, since she LOVES raccoons! (sarcasm, lots of sarcasm) 

Here's a fun dose of social studies: The People's Daily, China's communist newspaper, apparently didn't know that The Onion is satirical and believed America actually picked North Korea's leader Kim Jong-un as the sexiest man alive for 2012. More about that here. 

And finally, loving this song from Annalise Emerick, perfect for New Years Eve. 

Seattle from the ferry window image via @jkoephoto's instagram